Gel Armboard (Small)

Gel Armboard (Small) product

15” x 4” x .25”

1 lb

Use on standard arm board extensions. Protects hand, forearm, elbow and bicep.

PHS Medical™ pads and positioners aid in pressure distribution and help to prevent ulcers. The durable outer film protects against punctures and  tearing reduces moisture retention and bacteria growth. 




• PLASTICIZER FREE (plasticizer is an additive that some  gel manufacturers use to soften up the product but over time the oils can leech through the polyurethane films as well as change the gel composition over time.)

• Antimicrobial & antibacterial

• Can be heated and cooled following appropriate Instructions

• Can be repaired, they are a solid material that will NOT leak, ooze, or evaporate

• Rated self extinguishing

• Reusable

• X-Ray translucent

• Possess a ¼” continuous seal to the outer  edge of the product (eliminate chance for contaminants to collect between the skins)

SKU: GA-5000

Below are manuals for this product. Click to download the pdf.

Medical Gel Disenfectant Chart Medical Gel Disenfectant Chart
Medical Gel Fact Sheet Medical Gel Fact Sheet
Medical Gel Usage Guide Medical Gel Usage Guide
Price: $37.00
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