Medical Grade Sani-Covers (box)

Medical Grade Sani-Covers (box) product product product

Our Sani-Cover™ Medical Grade Disposable Face Rest Covers are designed for use with our Epidural Positioning Device (EPD), Electronic Epidural Positioning Device (E-EPD) or for any crescent-shaped face rest cushion.

The 50 gsm, spunbound fabric provides a comfortable, sanitary barrier for the face during care and treatment. Latex-free elastic ensures the cover remains in place but allows for quick and easy changeover between patients.  The Face Rest Covers also fit the Epidural Positioning Device (EPD) arm rest.  

Sani-Cover™Face Rest Covers are available in an easy-dispenser box of 25 (FRC-03-3110). Or for your convenience, order a case of 8 boxes (FRC-03-3110 - Case).

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