A Therapeutic Approach- Athletic Rehabilitation case study

posted on August 08, 2017

Typically by the age of 20 athletes have an accumulation of soft-tissues injuries from strains and pulls, to sprains involving joints. As such, many of the athletes that come to me are actively trying to rehabilitate themselves from an injury. My therapeutic approachfor working with athletes involv

What your patients want to know about PT but are too afraid to ask

posted on August 01, 2017

While some of your patients may come to your office having done their research about physical therapy care, others may be pretty clueless as to what you do—and how you do it. With that in mind, it’s important to have an arsenal of ready-to-share information to help your patients understand not only

The "millennial mother": 3 tips for labor & delivery

posted on July 26, 2017

Expecting a baby? Congratulations! Giving birth today is not the same as when your mother gave birth. You have new options and different choices to make. You will recover faster than even before, and your participation will be requested. Ready? Let’s talk about three tips that will help you to powe

The physical therapy field is moving faster than anyone expected

posted on July 18, 2017

Physical therapists are most likely among those who are not searching for a job these days. In fact, "physical therapist" is near the top of virtually every "fastest growing jobs" list. This strong demand is a direct result of how fast the field is moving and the increasing reliance on physical the

Using Your DOC Decompression Table

posted on May 08, 2017

We've said it before and we'll say it again. The DOC Decompression Table will take your practice tothe next level with its unique design and impressive list of standard features. To maximize your DOC treatment, each DOC is equipped with a Traction Belting System. This system enhances restraint for