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PHS Medical is an industry-leading manufacturer and professional source to engineer, supply and support your medical equipment needs.

Our knowledgeable team of engineers, sales professionals, and technical experts have years of experience to provide creative therapy and rehabilitation solutions. With an extensive selection of treatment tables, equipment and medical accessories, PHS Medical solutions are designed to exceed your challenging requirements.

PHS Medical is an Industry Leading Manufacturer


At PHS Medical, we provide state-of-the-art therapy solutions and technical support for the physical therapy and medical industries. PHS Medical’s line of hospital products delivers outstanding value and durability. All products are high-quality, practical and easy-to-use.

Keeping Your Staff and Patients Safe with the EPD Blog

The EPD and E-EPD were developed to reduce the risk of injuries and improve safety among staff and patients. By implementing the use of EPDs, hospitals can actively protect their staff and improve patient outcomes.

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“I love using the Epidural Positioning Device. It decreases staff fatigue and injury from patients having to lean on the RN during the procedure and keeps them in better alignment for spinal block. I wish they had other lift devices for positioning patients.”
— Jean Ickstadt


2" High density foam cushions with rounded corners


27" Wide adjustable cushions with 6 different configurations


Hi-Lo electric elevating base with quiet lift system

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We’re here to help!

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