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Mastering the LAST (Leg & Shoulder) Therapy Table

Mastering the LAST (Leg & Shoulder) Therapy Table featured image

Keeping patients healthy and on the playing field is the name of the game. The Leg & Shoulder (LAST) Therapy Table designed by Pivotal Health Solutions has revolutionized the prevention and treatment of athletic injuries with its unique all-in-one design.


Image via PHS Medical

Hi-Lo Elevation

The Hi-Lo adjustment is easily controlled and allows physical therapists to better deliver manual therapy techniques. A single foot control pedal elevates and lowers the table at the touch of a button. Optional dual foot control bars are available for effortless control all around the table. Simply press down on the foot control bar to elevate the table, and do the opposite to lower. The LAST Table is ADA compliant with an adjustable 19"-37" height range, and it raises a full 12" while it elevates.

Best Practice Tip: Set up the table while fully elevated, and then adjust the distance from the wall or other furniture.

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Manual Lift Back Cushion

The manual lift back cushion adjusts from zero - 70 degrees and locks securely into place with a dual friction lock mechanism.

Best Practice Tip: Activate a lever on either side of the table to lower, or grasp the side of the cushion to raise.



Heavy-Duty Load Capacity

The LAST Table has a heavy-duty load capacity of 650 lbs. The sturdy elevating base can handle wear and tear and accommodates larger patients with ease. With a press of the foot lever, securely lock the base using a full bar control.


Leg Adjustments

Drop away legs allow athletes to experience a full range of motion during exercises or achieve elevation for edema treatment. A handy release lever on either side of the table adjusts the leg cushions to 90 degrees, and a ratchet system can extend the leg cushions to full extension.

Best Practice Tip: Do not lower the table with the legs dropped. This will damage your cushions.

"The LAST table is hands down my favorite product because of its versatility. It allows me to treat so many different aspects of athlete care with one product. I can accomplish everything on one table from bilateral to unilateral corrective exercises/rehab to soft tissue releases, dry needling, cupping with ROM, muscle re-education with supported range of motion, as well as elevation from swelling reduction during modality use. The LAST Table is truly is the most versatile and ergonomic table on the market; the Swiss Army knife of tables!"  


- Owen Stanley, M.S., ATC, CSCS, NREMT, CIDN, University of Missouri