How Can Physical Therapy Help to Treat Lymphedema?

posted on August 29, 2019

This article was curated from Move Forward PT and written by APTA's Section on Women's Health and Oncology Sections; Patricia Ohtake, PT, PhD on October 13, 2011. The original article may be read here.

A Focus on Physical Therapy Classrooms

posted on May 31, 2019

PHS Medical not only has products for physicaltherapy offices and businesses, but we also carry tables and equipment designed for classrooms. Some of our tablesare designed in a way that allows for both written and hands on work. These tables and equipmentgive students the opportunity to work with

Fluid Motion Soft Tissue Tools For Physical Therapy

posted on April 24, 2019

Our FMST (Fluid Motion Soft Tissue) Toolsare used toeffectively and gently manipulate tissue overall surfaces of the body, reduce scarring, control pain and improve joint and muscle flexibility. They were thoughtfully designed to be efficient and effective at the same time. Here are a few of the to

Cold Laser Vs. Ultrasound

posted on April 16, 2019

via Shutterstock Both ultrasound and cold laser are treatment modalities commonly used in physical therapy, sports medicine, chiropractic and beyond. They are both usedto provide a therapeutic effect on tissues of the body. Generally, they areused to:

Keeping Your Staff and Patients Safe With the EPD

posted on April 15, 2019

The EPD and E-EPD were developed to reduce the risk of injuries and improve safety among staff and patients. By implementing the use of EPDs, hospitals can actively protect their staff and improve patient outcomes.