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10 Quick Facts About the E-EPD (Electric Epidural Positioning Device)

10 Quick Facts About the E-EPD (Electric Epidural Positioning Device) featured image

The Electric Epidural Positioning Device (E-EPD) incorporates advanced ergonomics, increased comfort and ease of use into it's design to give professionals the ability to execute faster, more efficient epidural placements. Here are 10 useful facts about our E-EPD:

EEPD_inuse1PHS Medical's EPD in use


1.  The curved design places the patient further back on the table/bed and within easy reach of the Anesthesiologist


2.  Easy mechanical lock and release system makes torso and arm rest adjustments quick and effortless


3.  A second rechargable battery is included with each unit so one is always available for use


4.  A single foot pedal easily locks or unlocks all 4 casters quickly and effortlessly

  It supports patients weighing up to 600 pounds


6.  The battery fully charges in 6 hours and lasts between 40 to 100* cycles. (*Based on Load)


7.  Simple set up, easy to use, easy to clean and move between rooms


8.  Convenient disposable face covers make for fast and sanitary changeovers between patients


9.  It increases efficiency in thoracic, lumbar and cervical placements by gently encouraging flexion while maintaining a solid and stable position


10.  Multiple simple adjustments accommodate various patient and table/bed heights


Download the E-EPD Data sheet