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PHS Medical Case Study: Big Stone Therapies

PHS Medical Case Study: Big Stone Therapies featured image

Big Stone Therapies, LLC in Watertown, SD uses PHS Medical Aluma Elite basic treatment tables and mat tables at their therapist-owned private practice. Physical Therapist and Managing Partner Trisha Rieffenberger shares her experience working with Pivotal Health Solutions.

BST-(Mat Table1)-1


BST-(Basic Table2)


Q: Which PHS Medical tables and equipment do you use?
A: We use the Aluma Elite basic treatment tables and Aluma Elite mat tables.

Q: Why did you decide to purchase from PHS Medical?
A:  As a therapist owned private practice, we take pride in shopping local. The team at PHS Medical were very helpful and easy to work with. They provided great customer service and met our deadline to deliver the tables before our open house. 

Q: What features do you like best about your tables, equipment and accessories?
A: We love the drawers for easy access and storage of therapy supplies when working hands-on with a patient. The tables are clean looking and durable. We also appreciate the ability to customize our brand on the tables which create a nice look in our therapy gym.


Q: Have you seen noticeable results from your patients?
A: We are now able to accommodate more patients in the gym with the addition of these new tables. Before we had mismatched tables, and now they all match which looks much more professional.

Q: How do your patients like your choice of tables and equipment?
The patients like the ability to elevate the head of the table as well as lay prone with their face in the nose hole. The tables are very versatile for our diverse patient population and treatment needs.

Q: What treatment challenges did you face before you purchased your PHS Medical table/equipment?

Big Stone Therapies-(Basic Treatment Table)-1
A: The delivery costs of other providers was outrageous. We are so thankful to have this business locally here in Watertown!

Q: Are you pleased with the products and service you received?
A: Very! Thanks PHS Medical!

Q: Would you recommend PHS Medical to others?
A:Absolutely! Their customer service and product line is top-notch.



Download Aluma Elite Basic  Treatment Table Data Sheet